firecracker-containerd (maintainer)

The Firecrakcer VMM is a virtual machine manager optimized for container-like virtual machines (termed “microVMs”) with fast startup, a limited device model, and fixed lifetimes.

This project enables the use of the containerd container runtime to manage Firecracker microVMs using familiar container ecosystem tools and conventions.

   Firecracker SDK for Go (maintainer)

The Firecracker SDK for Go is an SDK for interacting with the Firecracker VMM API from the Go programming language. The SDK provides a higher-level abstraction on top of the raw API and optimizes for sane, safe defaults while allowing developers the flexibility to override when necessary.

   firectl (maintainer)

firectl is a simple command-line interface for interacting with the Firecracker VMM to create and run virtual machines without having to directly interact with the API.

   Amazon ECS Container Agent (maintainer emeritus)

The Amazon ECS Container Agent is the on-host component of Amazon Elastic Container Service. The agent is responsible for interfacing between the container runtime and the Amazon ECS backend.

   Docker (contributor)

Docker popularized Linux containers and is now probably the most popular container runtime. Docker helps people run applications in an image-based, isolated fashion.

I contributed the Amazon CloudWatch Logs driver, which helps send container output to CloudWatch Logs. I help maintain the driver on an ongoing basis.

   containerd (contributor)

containerd is a container runtime built by the core maintainers of Docker and represents a rewrite of the core runtime components. containerd provides a limited set of functionality in a much more flexible manner compared to Docker.

I have prototyped integration between the Amazon ECS Container Agent and and containerd and have contributed minor code to containerd.

   Amazon ECR Credential Helper (author)

The Amazon ECR Credential Helper is a Docker credential helper that makes it easier to use Amazon Elastic Container Registry to push and pull Docker container images.

   Amazon ECR containerd resolver (author)

containerd makes pulling images more flexible, since images are pulled in client software rather than by the containerd daemon. The Amazon ECR containerd resolver is a library that can be used by software integrating with containerd to pull images from Amazon ECR using the native API.

   purple-docker (author)

Haven’t you always wanted to chat with your containers? Now, with purple-docker, you can!

purple-docker implements a protocol plugin (prpl) that tracks running Docker containers in your buddy list and presents STDIO via the chat interface.